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DentalDesigner™ – The CAD software from 3shape


3Shape Dental System™

CAD design software
  • Powerful CAD software package
  • Can be expanded with software add-ons
  • Simple user guidance
Intuitive CAD modelling for beginners and experienced users. The 3Shape CAD design software supports you with all types of digital dental applications and work processes and can be expanded with numerous add-on modules.
The 3Shape Dental System™ CAD software enables you to design all types of restorations digitally and easily combine them as desired. All 3D models can be manufactured regardless of the CAM equipment.
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Benefits at a glance
  • Simple and intuitive operation: You are guided through all steps of the design process in a logical and easily understood process.
  • Comprehensive CAD software package: With Virtual Articulator, Smile ComposerTM and Splint DesignerTM in addition to numerous other features, many functions are included in the basic software package.
  • Multi-dimensional design: The software enables you to work simultaneously in 3D and 2D and so helps you to select the best view for each design step. And: The system also supports graphics tablets.
  • Productive and flexible: Even complicated restorations can be completed within a few minutes and the results animated on the screen immediately.
  • Custom libraries: You can select standard teeth and bridge elements in 3D from an extensive directory or create your own collection with self-scanned shapes.
  • Modular structure: The system can be extended as desired depending on your dental speciality with the Abutment DesignerTM, Denture DesignTM, Implant Bars & BridgesTM, Model BuilderTM, Ortho AnalyzerTM and Removable Partial Design software add-ons.
3Shape system requirements
Versatility is an integral component of the Dental System™ CAD software package. Select all-round professional support with easily operated and powerful CAD design programs that will simplify you everyday work and increase your productivity.
Virtual articulator

It is an exact representation of the physical articulator.

Virtual articulator
Design better crowns and save time with manual trimming. With the Virtual Articulator, the dental technician can perform all the classical jaw movements (protrusion, retrusion, laterotrusion, mediotrusion and immediate side shift) virtually, enabling complete articulation in a single purely digital workflow.
Smile Composer

It is an exact representation of the physical articulator.

Smile Composer™
Design high-end anatomical crowns and bridges. The Smile Composer makes it easy for you to achieve high-end aesthetic results. You can work with "Full Smiles", i.e. the relationship between the teeth is retained and can be mirrored 1:1. Improved free-form tools also guarantee a fast design process.
Splint Designer

The optimised user guide simplifies the process of designing splints.

Splint Designer™
Extend the digital range. You can use Splint Designer™ to manufacture splints, bite guards, surgical masks and other orthodontic appliances. The modelled splints can be manufactured with milling machines and also with 3D printers.
The ideal entry level package for small laboratories that want to offer all indications without having to pay high licence fees. With CAD Points, you only pay on demand, i.e. when you actually use the software. You retain complete flexibility with a wide range of indications at a low price.
CAD points
The cara CAD Points starter package allows you to use the Abutment Designer™ , Denture Design™ , Implant Bars & Bridges™ , Model Builder™ , Ortho Analyzer™ and Removable Partial Design add-on software modules by paying with CAD Points as required without needing a licence
ModelBuilder™ AbutmentDesigner™ Implant Bars & Bridges™ Partial denture
Preparation of scan data, making saw cuts or dies and assigning the models Individual abutments are easy and efficient to produce Superstructures are quick and easy to design on implants Partial denture
Model Builder AbutmentDesigner Implant Bars & Bridges Removable Partial Design
CAD Point
Advantages of cara CAD Points at a glance
  • Cost efficiency: With cara CAD Points, your laboratory has access to further indications without the direct investment costs for a software add-on module.
  • Minimal risk: cara CAD Points are the safe and cost-efficient way for small laboratories to establish themselves in the CAD/CAM domain.
  • Flexibility: cara CAD Points can be used immediately, for customised abutments, implant bars & bridges, partial dentures and Model Builder.
  • Long life: cara CAD Points do not expire.
  • Rapid purchase: It's quick and easy to order and activate cara CAD Points. Please specify the customer number and associated dongle number when placing your order.
Three packages to choose from
You can order cara CAD Points in three different packages of 100, 200 and 500 points.
Article no. Name
66055071 cara CAD points 100
66055072 cara CAD points 200
66055073 cara CAD points 500
With the points you purchase, you can then create your jobs individually. Below are a few examples you can use to estimate the costs for individual indications:
Indications Price per unit
Customised abutment 9 CAD Points
Implant bar & bridge 9 CAD Points per implant
Partial denture 15 CAD Points
Full denture 15 CAD Points
Model Builder TRIOS 6 CAD Points
Model Builder 3rd Party 12 CAD Points
Break-even point
CAD Points or a licence?
Your laboratory can use cara CAD Points to expand its production of abutments, implant bars & bridges and partial dentures slowly and surely. If your monthly production increases, at some point the break-even point will be reached at which purchase of a licence for the corresponding add-on software modules will be more cost-effective.
You can simply upgrade your software then, and enjoy the advantages of unlimited production. Below are a few examples of when the purchase of a licence may be to your benefit.
Software module Units per month
Abutments ~ 6 units/month
Implant Bars & Bridge ~ 2 units/month**
Partial denture ~ 7 units/month
* Calculation based on list prices and an investment over 4 years
** Assuming that the customer already has the Abutment Designer licence. Price based on an implant bar on 3 implants.
CAD Points are not available for the Ortho software modules!


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