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Ceramic bonding alloys

Ceramic Bonding Alloys
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Our ceramic bonding alloys combine Kulzer' many years of expertise in precious metals with the demands of modern dental technology.

Our ceramic bonding alloys are extremely biocompatible and reliable in processing. They are easy to polish and can be veneered to a highly aesthetic finish. The ideal ratio of the alloy constituents ensures good flow behaviour. Bio Herador CN is a high-gold-content ceramic bonding alloy for the most demanding applications.

The 98% precious-metal content makes the yellow alloy particularly biocompatible and resistant to the oral environment. Platinum and zinc increase strength and hardness and make the alloy extremely durable, even for demanding applications such as wide-span bridges or implant superstructures.

Benefits of Bio Herador CN at a glance
  • gold content 86.6% (precious-metal content 98%)
  • free from Pd and Cu
  • high modulus of elasticity, high strength
  • easily polished and milled
  • aesthetic veneering with HeraCeram


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