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HeraCeram® Stains universal

HeraCeram Stains universal
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HeraCeram Stains universal as ready-to-use pastes or as powders, are stains for all ceramic lines from Kulzer.

The range of indications covers all applications from classic individualisation through to comprehensive staining of monochrome systems.

The firing characteristics of the stains are variable and adapt to the sintering or melting behaviour of the veneer or press ceramic. This means that you can safely use HeraCeram Stains universal on both high-fusing and low-fusing ceramics.

HeraCeram Stains universal covers all applications for stains:
  • Individual characterisation and reproduction of anomalies
  • Modification of the standard shade and brightness value
  • Local chroma reinforcement
  • Colour design of dentine and enamel on the monochromatic system of press, overpress and layering technique and also on monolithic zirconium oxide frameworks

Benefits at a glance:
  • ready-to-use in paste form or in powder form
  • flexible application on all frameworks
  • versatile firing characteristics
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