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Delara – modern tooth line for everyday use with lifelike aesthetics

Everybody’s Delara

  • Unique layering structure
  • Easy handling & predictable results
  • One toothline for all indications
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Everybody’s Delara – a modern all-round tooth line for everyday use with lifelike aesthetics.

Delara is Kulzer’s new line of prosthetic teeth, a single tooth line that meets every need of dental laboratories – delivering aesthetics, form and function, with a lively surface structure and unique layering, along with modern and bright shading for a fresh and vivid appearance.

Advantages of Delara:
  • Easy handling for predictable results: freedom during set-up without excessive grinding or changing the basic shape and layering effects. The polishing buffer, basal grinding reserve and optimized incisal edge simplify the set-up process.
  • Flexibility: full range of shades, process-optimized and anatomical forms, excellent functionality and beauty for all indications and set-up options.
  • Aesthetics: blueish effect for a fresh and lively appearance, along with modern shading, a vivid surface structure and dynamic light refraction
  • Value for money: one tooth line for all indications for everyday use.

That’s why we call it “Everybody’s Delara”.

The heartbeat of your practice

Our beautiful new tooth line offers easy processing, a lively surface structure and great value for money. Delara is the perfect all-round prosthetic toothline for everyday use.
Great feedback:

“When I tried Delara teeth, I was impressed! The teeth looked modern and beautiful! They surpass every comparable tooth line. Delara offers two great advantages: handling security and aesthetics. The basal design of Delara allows for easy set-up without much grinding.”

Ilkka Garaisi, Denturist (Clinical dental technician)


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