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Non-Precious Metal Bonder

Non-Precious Metal Bonder

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Veneer with confidence, even on non-precious metal:

Our HeraCeram NP-Primer ensures a reliable metal-ceramic-bond and long-lasting ceramic veneering on NPM frameworks. The HeraCeram NP-Primer was developed for the optimal condition of NPM alloy surfaces for veneering with HeraCeram and HeraCeramSun. It conditions non-precious metal alloy surfaces by preventing uncontrolled excessive oxidation and thus ensures that the framework surface is wetted perfectly with the opaquer.

This increases the quality and certainty of the success of the veneer, even in critical initial situations. Even a skin-thick layer will achieve full efficacy.

NP-Primer, 2ml

für die Verarbeitung von HeraCeram auf NEM-Legierungen