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dima® Mill Zirconia ML

dima Mill Zirconia ML

dima Mill Zirconia ML

  • Natural shading results
  • Less finishing work
  • Maximum authenticity
    regarding aesthetics
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dima Mill Zirconia Multilayer
dima Mill Zirconia ML takes dental aesthetics and efficiency to an even higher level. The multichrome and highly translucent multilayer material with four seamlessly integrated colour layers shows a natural gradient that makes your restorations appear absolutely authentic. At the same time the finishing work is reduced to a minimum or can even be eliminated completely.

With a wide range of shades

The multilayer gradient ensures a realistic appearance from the dentine core to the incisal edge. dima Mill Zirconia ML is available in the five highly translucent Multi-Shades A light, A dark, B light, B dark and C light for the greatest possible range of design options. This gives users the option of reliable and direct use of the V-shades, A1-A3.5, B1-B4 and C1-C2 and they can also use HeraCeram Stains universal for darker hues and D-shades.
dima Disk


  • Fully anatomical crowns and bridges or cutback crowns in the anterior and posterior regions with up to 16 units
  • Inlays and onlays and full anatomical Abutments
  • Veneering technique with low-fusing ceramics for zirconium dioxide (e.g. HeraCeram Zirkonia 750)
  • Height: 14, 18 and 22 mm

Aesthetic and high quality material

The highly translucent and polychromatic multilayer material offers flowing shade transitions from cervical to incisal and extends the zirconium dioxide palette of dima material discs. Glazing is generally sufficient and in many cases additional finishing work is no longer required. In addition to its optimum colour properties, dima Mill Zirconia ML is noted for its high strength (1200 MPa), tool-preserving processing with high edge stability and highly accurate fitting.
The multilayer high performance ceramic is ideal for the manufacture of monolithic restorations. Its primary applications are crowns and bridges in the fully anatomical range, as well as restorations in the cutback region and subsequent customisation with ceramic and enamel compounds in shading technique. dima Mill Zirconia ML is available for single tooth crowns and bridges of up to 16 units.
dima Mill Zirconia ML

Have a look at our product images of dima Mill Zirconia ML:

Define shade at the CAD stage

Dental technicians can vary the height of the restoration with the CAD program during digital design and thus determine the shading.


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