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Systems Anchor & Retainers

Systems Anchor  & Retainers

The proven retention element consists of precision-manufactured individual elements.

The high-quality precious-metal alloys guarantee a long service life. The Sfera ball and socket anchor is a resilient attachment for all types of prosthetics. It is rigid in the horizontal plane but allows free movement vertically and in a rotary plane. The SecuraLock is an accessory for repairing telescopic or conical crowns that have lost friction. It consists of a titanium housing and a sapphire ball supported by a spring.

Our anchor system with the press-button principle can be used for all removable partial prosthetics.

Benefits of the anchor system at a glance

  • plastic bars invested during wax modelling of the neighbouring crowns can be cast-to
  • threaded caps of Pt-Ir for precious-metal and non-precious-metal alloys can be cast-to
  • screw rings for simple processing without soldering
  • threaded rings for retention in acrylic
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