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Universal Alloys

Universal Alloys
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Our universal alloys are suitable for fully cast restorations as well as for restorations with aesthetic ceramic or composite veneers.

Our universal alloys are available in various compositions to meet all requirements in dental technology. The proven HeraSun system offers a selection of four copper-free universal alloys with different properties. The special feature of the HeraSun system: We developed the alloys in combination with the veneering ceramic.

For the benefit of both dental technician and the patient. The HeraSun alloys can be veneered with low-fusing ceramics such as HeraCeramSun. The best conditions for a permanent good result.

Benefits of the HeraSun system at a glance
  • wide range of indications – fully cast restorations and wide-span veneered bridges
  • warp-resistant – the alloys can be fired without individual firing trays for even wide spans
  • Cu-free – this yields a very light-coloured oxide that enhances the aesthetic qualities of HeraCeramSun


Hera Biological effects of dental alloys / (2490 kB) anglais PDF downloaden
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AlbaSun / (90 kB) anglais PDF downloaden
AureaSun / (79 kB) anglais PDF downloaden
Heranorm Sun / (79 kB) anglais PDF downloaden
Mainbond Sun / (79 kB) anglais PDF downloaden

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Glossary Alloys / (159 kB) international PDF downloaden
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