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Austromat 654 press-i-dent

Austromat 654 press-i-dent
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The Austromat 654 press-i-dent, combination oven for pressing and firing dental ceramics

As a combination oven, the Austromat 654 is ideal for pressing and firing dental ceramics. The oven can be operated simply and comfortably and distinguishes itself through reliable firing and pressing results. Just like the other model in the range, the Austromat 624, the 654 press-i-dent is able to impress with high quality based on precise temperature regulation and powerful vacuum performance. This ensures exact shades for your ceramic results: Firing and pressing dental ceramics at the highest level. The technical service of the oven is guaranteed not only by qualified device service from Kulzer but also from DEKEMA.

Interested? You can obtain the Austromat 654 press-i-dent via our customer service or your specialist consultant in the sales force.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Functionality: Firing and pressing
  • Easy operation
  • Pre-installed programme for HeraCeram ceramics
  • Constant temperature control
  • Powerful vacuum performance
  • Reliable firing results/exact shades
  • Technical service
  • Networking capabilities (optional)


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